Fitness Yoga classes:

Powerful fitness based class, derived from years of study and teaching within the fitness and dance world. I have embodied the balance, techniques and discipline of yoga and dance, combined them with my knowledge of instrinsic biomechanics and anatomy and physiology to create a unique session that joins quality of movement with the ability to correct dysfunction, empowering the client with vigour and strength.

Mobilising and releasing the body before a powerful workout, enhanced by fluid movement. Muscles and fascia, bones and tension all become relaxed but alert.

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  • 75 MIN & 60 MIN CLASS: £10.00 per class
  • BLOCK BOOKING: Choose day & time
Elizabeth Hall, Hook

  • MONDAY / 9.15am – 10.30am
    Monday 29th April 2019 – Monday 29th May 2019

    Block Booking: £27
    Pay as You Go – £10

Greywell Village Hall, Greywell

  • TUESDAY / 10am – 11am
    Tuesday 23rd April 2019 – Tuesday 21st May 2019
    Block Booking: £40
    Pay as You Go – £10
  • WEDNESDAY / 10.30am – 11.40am
    Wednesday 24th April 2019 – Wednesday 22nd May 2019
    Block Booking: £45
    Pay as You Go – £10
  • Wednesday 24th April 2019 – Wednesday 22nd May 2019li>WEDNESDAY / Noon – 1pm
    Block Booking: £40

Hampshire Centre Court

    FRIDAY / 9.15am & 10am
    Book @ Centre Court – £10 guest fee payable at reception
Last Friday of the Month

    An evening of Flow and Yin Yoga: Email to book
    Friday 25th January 2019 7.30pm – 9.45pm
    Yoga, Music, Mulled Wine & Xmas snacks – £20

Body MOT – Health & Wellbeing Assessment

A Body MOT is a full lifestyle analysis, giving you the opportunity to improve your holistic wellbeing with various tests such as: blood pressure, body composition, mineral taste tests and ph salvia. I discuss your habits and lifestyle, mix them with the test results to determine your cellular/physical health before prescribing a Plan of Action to improve your overall health.

Body Assessment

Assessments of the shoulders, spine, pelvis, ankle, nerves and muscles, Jane can determine whiter you have any biomechanics issues that could be causing repeat injury. If you experience pain when running, sitting at your desk or working out in the gym she can establish whether that pain has a cause. Are you looking for a solution to perform a particular sporting or physical task to a higher degree? Manage your pain, release your your dysfunction and move more freely, then book a Body Mechanics session with Jane.

Fitness Yoga

Jane edits008Join us on any day of the week for a Body Motion workout at one of the locations above. Designed specifically to enhance the your body, massage the internal organs, increase lung capacity through effective breathing and bring corrective alignment to increase the functionality of your muscles and bones.

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Body Assessments

Unlock dysfunction within the muscles to become biomechanically sound. I am a Specialist Biomechanics coach who will assess your muscles & nerves to help you move more freely!

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Body MOT

Healthy food photoBalance from the inside out: boost your body & diet with nutritional advice and learn how to maximise your cellular health to create a body fit for purpose.
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